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‘Mere bowing head is of no use….’
What use is it to bending the body if the heart is filled with ill and impure thoughts? This painting is a beautiful landscape with a message of the Gurbani line

A religious looking person has shown bowing towards a temple in the hills to pay respect. While bending he looks at the ladies taking bath in the river. He is bending to pay respect to temple but his mind is full of impure thoughts.

A hunter is shown bending with a bow and arrow in his hand behind bushes and aiming at a deer to kill. His purpose is to kill the unsuspecting deer. The deer is totally unaware of the impending danger. The hunter has to bend to kill a deer unaware otherwise he cannot catch a deer. The criminal person bows twice as low as a hunter sets out to kill a deer.

Using the example of the hunter and deer, the Guru says that the mere bending of the body is pointless if the mind is full of impure thoughts and intentions.

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