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This painting is based on famous folk love stories of Punjab. The artist has shown the famous desert area of Sindh province, now in Pakistan. There are palm trees and cactus plant in the unending desert area. A Skelton is lying symbolizing death. Beautiful Sassi is dressed in her bridal dress. A shepherded boy is also there with his herd of sheep. He is shown looking astonish to see a beautiful lady running in bridal dress but without shoes..
In the painting, the artist has shown the scene when Sassi runs out towards the desert to meet Punnu in her bridal dress. She is following footprints of camel. She is wearing lot of ornaments with henna on her hands. The unending desert is also symbolic of the unending love of Sassi and Punnu for each other.

Sassi Punnu

According to a legend, Sassi was the daughter of the king of Bhambour of Sindh province, in the present Pakistan. At birth, an astrologer prophesied that one day this beautiful girl will bring great dishounour to their parent’s name. So the king and queen placed the small girl in a basket and send her down to the Indus river. Her mother tied a Taweez around her neck.
Down stream, a Dhobi (washerman) was washing clothes. He had no child of his own. When he saw the basket with the baby, his joy knew no bounds. He took the basket and the child to his home. So the Dhobi brought up this child as his own.
She grew up to a beautiful girl and became known for her charming looks. So the king sent for the girl. There the queen saw the Taweez round her neck and recognized her as her daughter. They asked her to stay in the palace but Sassi refused and went on to live with poor Dhobi.
The word about her beauty spread to other kingdoms also. Punnu, a neighboring prince also heard about her beauty and came to meet her, disguised as an art trader. They both fell in love with each other. Punnu did not know about her royal birth.
Punnu’s parents refused to accept Sassi as his bride. When Punu insisted, his parents decided to pretend to go for the wedding. In celebrations, Punnu brother decided to take him to drinking before the wedding. His brother gave him a glass to drink. Punnu drank drank until he passed out. Then his brother took him on camel to another village.
Sassi heard about it while she was getting dressed for her ceremony. She ran across the desert sands, wearing her wedding clothes called out to her Punnu. On the way, she saw a shepherd and asked for water, meanwhile Punnu regained his senses realized that his family had tricked him. He too ran to meet Sassi, across the desert. On the way he heard Sassi calling out for him. They were unable to meet each other in and died there in deserts.

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