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‘Shri Ram and Hanu’s Conversation

This painting is based on Ramyan lines when Shri Ram enquired where about of Sita from Hanuman. The Artist has shown hanuman’s reply beautifully in the painting.

Shri Ram:-    Ah Hanu, have you got any news about Sita?
                     ‘nkj jB{z, efj ;qh ox[tho, eS ;[X j? ;h: eh fSfs wkfj ?’

Hanu :-          Yes, she is in Lanka in Ravan’s garden, but without a bad name.
                       j? gqG{, bze ebze fpBk sfj p;/ oktD pkr eh SkJhA.

Shri Ram:-     Why didn’t she die after separating from me?
                       feT[A Bk woh jw;/ fpSo/ ?

Hanu :-          She is alive just for name sake. Her soul is in your foot (pad Pankej). Yama, the God of death comes to her but can’t find her soul.
                       He can not come to you to take her soul.

                       efjp/ e' Bkd, gqkD p;/ gd gzeI w/A iw nkts j? gkts BkjhA.

In the painting, the Artist has shown the map of Srilanka on top. Sita is lying under a tree. Yama, the God of death has come to take her but cannot take her soul as it is in Ram’s Pad Pankaj (foot)

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