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Peacocks dancing, nature at its best ……

This scenic painting is based on Gurbani lines. The nature has been shown at its best.
Inner happiness of the living things has been reflected in the nature. The weather is beautiful; clouds are hovering in the sky. It gives cool feeling after hot summer. There is myth that when peacock opens its feather, it is bound to rain. The most beautiful, colourful and stunning peacocks are shown dancing with joy. While peacocks are dancing, peahens are enjoying themselves seeing the dance. Baby birds are various are shown in painting and others are coming out of hibernation. Colourful flowers are blooming, and new leaves are growing. The rain brings promise of a good harvest and one lady has been shown dancing joyfully. All the birds and animals become happy by getting lots of water to drink and grow. The birds are flying high in the sky.
Everybody is enjoying The person’s inner happiness controls his emotions. If we feel happy and are at peace with ourselves only then we can enjoys the beauties of the nature. God has made the world so beautiful and it is our duty to look after it, conserve it and enjoy it.

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