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Mother’s love

This painting illustrates a mother’s pure and selfless affection for her children.
A young handsome boy lived with his mother. One day, he saw a beautiful girl and fell in love with her. She consented to marry him if he would bring her mother’s heart as a gift to her. The boy agreed and went to his home. There he killed his mother, took out her heart and went to present it to the girl. On the way, he stumbles and falls down. The girl was amused to see it. But from the heart he heard his mother’s voice. She asked him if he was alright.

One the top, the mother monkey, the father monkey are sitting on a tree along their baby. A tiger came in search of food, tried to snatch the baby. The tiger caught the leg of the mother monkey. The mother is passing on the baby to the father so that she can save the child. She herself might be killed by the tiger.

The mother love for her child is the same in human beings as well as in the animals. This similarity has been beautifully illustrated in the painting.

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