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This painting is the illustration of Bhagat Kabir’s Bani, wondering how or when a person will meet his end.

The messenger of death can come in many different ways. The messenger of God has been shown running fast with bag having death orders and ready to strike with an axe in one hand and death order in another. The artist has depicted various ways a person can meet the death. Many people die during heavy floods, Earthquake, lightening, continuous rains, Volcanoes cause so much destruction and havoc, an aero plane crash, fire, murder, disease, drowning of a ship, bus, animal attack, suicide or train accidents etc. Apart from this, death from drug addiction shown as bottle of wine with a beautiful lady in it, with glass of wine to attract the people to become addicts.

On one side, the artist has depicted how God saved Bhagat Kabir from death, who was once thrown in front of elephant to crush him. ‘e[zuo g'N b? b? fBw;eko/.. nijz{ Bk p{Mfj ekih nzfXnko/...Bhagat Kabir was a revolutionarily saint who emphasized the equality and fraternity of mankind. He considered himself neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. So Pandits and Maulivs complained to the King. The King told him to accept Islam or face punishment. When Kabir refused, he was punished in various ways. Once he was tied in a bundle and thrown in front of an elephant. Kabir had God in his mind. The elephant lifted the bundle and bowed before it several times but the Qazi did’t understand the truth.

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If a person who always believes in God, he dies peaceful. True worship and firm faith in any religion is path to attain salvation so the artist has shown God, Allah, Om and Ekam written in one moon as light house. One can follow any religion but having a firm faith in God can make his death peaceful and attains salvation. A light shown emitting from moon of God, inscribe therein ‘ Allah hu Akbar’, ‘Japo Satnam’ and ‘Namo Narayan’. Persons of different religion has been shown worshipping in their own way. If they worship God from their core of heart and having firm faith, then they need not to worry about how and when they will die, but it is sure that there end will be peaceful. Their body are cremated by lighting the pyre or buried under ground according to their religious customs. Some religious myth is that to take the soul of true worshipers, God and Godess come from heaven and take with respect. The artist has shown their soul being taken to heaven. Those attain total salvation from the cycle of birth and death.

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