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' Like stone in a boat reaches shore '

As the person, who sits in the boat and can reach the destination with the help of sailors. so does a person with Guru’s grace attains salvation has been beautifully depicted in this scenic painting. The Artist has shown two sailors are rowing the boat having stones therein. There a huge stone (the face of a person) lying in the boat. Usually the stone being heavy drowns in the sea. These stones can reach other side of river if are carried in a boat. In one corner, small beautiful flowers are shown symbolizing the beautiful temptation surrounding the person for attraction. The birds are also seen flying from one side of the sea towards the other. They also reached their destination, keeping God in mind. Similarly, ‘gqkDh r[ouoD brs[ fB;so?’, a person with God’s grace can also lead a worthy life. If he sincerely believes in God and with the help of Guru, he can also cross world- ocean unaffected. He can also be saved from the cycles of birth and death.

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