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On 14-4-46, he completed a painting named ‘Past and Future’, which he thought, he should give it to Sir Staford Cripps. After getting it framed, Trilok Singh went to Delhi and met Dr. Asif Ali in Congress office and then went to Harijan colony where All India Congress Working Committee meeting was going on.
Dr. Asif Ali called in Trilok Singh to show the painting to Pandit Nehru. He (Pandit Nehru) at once recognized the Artist and said, “You have already given me one painting in Assam, why do you want to give this painting to Cripps? He has got nothing to give to us. Independence? That we will have with our own efforts.” The artist brought back the painting. Later on Swami Keshwa Nand Ex-M.P. took it for keeping in ‘Sanghria Museum, Rajasthan”.

Millions of peple killed, murdered, made homeless due to migration and riots during partition of India i.e. division Punjab into East and West Punjab. Ladies were raped, killed. In 1947, riots when Mahatma Gandhi gave a speech on radio and said, “It is not Pakistan but Papistan”. Trilok Singh created another painting based on these words. Trilok Singh made many paintings about freedom struggle.
He had rendered a beautiful service and painted the predicament of perplexing, embarrassing and difficult situation of our country during British regime. He was art consciousness and awareness had always led him to render his services to humanity and nation through his paintings.

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