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In 1942, his father died and he had to go to his village ‘Punjabi Basti’, Lanka, District NavGong to look after his land. This time he had to spend quite a long time, there and he went through many experiences and experiments. Suddenly, his eldest son Surjit Singh fell very ill and doctor advised him to take his son to Shillong for a change of climate. It was a very hard time for Trilok Singh. He took his son to Shillong for treatment. He stayed there in a Gurdwara. The health of his son was deteriorating day by day. He thought of taking him to Calcutta for better treatment.

He was so worried about his son’s health and the finances that were required for his treatment. As he had a very firm faith in God, he was reciting Gurbani day and night. He knew only God will help him at this time of worry and pain. The words from Holy scripts were always in his mind. One night while reciting these words of Gurbani “ fi;e/ f;o T[gfo s{z ;[nkwh ;' d[Zy e?;k gkt?HHHHHH.”( one who has blessing of God never go to difficult times…) He went to sleep. That very night he saw Guru Nanak Dev in his dream. He became so hopeful. Next Morning, the head of the Gurudwara Bhai, S. Nagina Singh helped him to get his son admitted in Christian Mission Hospital and with grace of God; his son started recovering day by day.

This was the time when Giani Gyan Singh “Aaraf” who was the preacher “Garanthi” of Gurudwara motivated him to make a painting on ‘The full life history of Guru Nanak Dev’. Later on, this painting became one of his masterpieces. After carrying out study about the history of Guru Khalsa, Trilok Singh picked up his canvas and brushes, he recited the lines “ nkg BkokfJD ebkXkfo ir wkfj gotfo :T.fBozekoh nkeko I'fs ir wzfvb efo :T..”

The entire picture is in the language of symbolism. The glimpses from Guru Nanak Dev’s life have been shown in the form of stars. The depiction of such a composition was never done before. He completed this painting in 1944.

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