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In 1939, due to the Hindu Muslim riots, Pandit Nehru’s visit to Assam was postponed but in those days Trilok Singh had started thinking only about Independence of India. He started expressing his ideas and views on the canvas. He felt very strongly about the “Divide and Rule policy” of the Britishers and prepared a painting on this topic. He came to know about the visit of Pandit Nehru to Nav-Gong. He was very keen to meet him personally. He went to Chhaparhmukh railway station along with other Punjabi Sikhs to meet Pandit Nehru. As soon as, the trained arrived at the railway station, he felt thrilled to see the Pandit Nehru. He garlanded him. He was overwhelmed with joy after seeing him. He made a painting of Pandit Nehru. He presented this portrait to Pandit Ji, next day. He liked it and said,” You will be a very useful artist to our country.”

In 1940, Muslim League was replaced by Congress in Assam and Sh. Gopinath Baradloee became Chief Minister. Trilok Singh completed painting ‘Mother India with flambeau’ where his study of nature and wild animals of Assam Jungles could be seen along with his patriotic feelings. The prevailing conditions of country at time had left deep impressions on his mind and he worked on National themes.

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