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His creative genius arose from within and he wanted to give the form to the formless by expressing himself through the media of the painting. He made up his mind to leave everything and go to some famous Artist to learn painting under his guidance. He thought of Artist SG Thakur Singh who was in Calcutta during that period. His father sent some of his drawings to him along with a small note asking him if he could be successful in the world of painting. He was happy to get a positive reply from the artist. He told his father that he wanted to learn painting from Artist SG Thakur Singh. After seeing his interest, his father sent him to Calcutta to learn painting from Artist SG Thakur Singh. When Trilok Singh left, his father told him that he would be sending money to him from time to time. He started working very hard there.

After a few months, Trilok Singh wrote to his father to send money to him, but as soon as S.SGThakur Singh heard about it, he scolded him and advised him saying that he had no right to ask for money from his father, rather he should earn money and send it to him. In those days, there was a great demand for the repair works of motor car and Taxi. He established an art studio named “Trilok shilp Asthan”. In 1932, his workshop- cum- art studio “ Trilok Shilap Asthan” became very popular. This workshop was situated at 7, Ashutosh MukherjeeRoad in Calcutta. Despite his being too busy in the workshop and his studio, Trilok Singh got the opportunity to meet many poets also. In Calcutta, there was a “Kavi Kutia” where he met S. Munsha Singh, ‘Dukhi', S. Jagjit Mazloom and number of other poets. After attending their poetry sessions, many ideas came to his mind for creating paintings accordingly. The feelings aroused by their poems were brought into form with the mystical touches of his brush.

The first biographical details of S. Trilok Singh were printed in one of the earliest editions of the monthly Punjabi magazine ‘Phulwari’ in 1932 by the editior S. Heera Singh “Dard”.

In 1932, S. Trilok Singh participated in Fine Art exhibition organised by All India Ramgarhia Federation at Kharagpur, Bengal. His painting was adjuged the best and the Artist was honoured with Silver medal having inscription 'R C CONFERANCE KHARGPUR 1932'.

In 1933, the Artist participated in Fine Art exhibition organised by All India Ramgarhia Federation at Khargpur Bengal. His painting was adjudged the best one and awarded Silver medal with inscription ' ARTIST TIRLOK SINGH'. His work was appreciated by the all India Fine Arts Association, Bengal.

The first biographical details of S. Trilok Singh were printed in one of the earliest editions of the monthly Punjabimagazine ‘Phulwari’ in 1932 by the editior S. Heera Singh “Dard”.

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh in 1933, he prepared a painting ‘Mother only to guide’. In this painting with one hand, mother i.e. Mata Gujri is giving a toy gun to Dasmesh ji and with the other she is setting the ‘Kalgi’ on his head. One the wall of the room, weapons have been displayed. The purpose of making such painting was to show that only a mother could give any type of training to the child through play way method. Here by giving such toys, mother wanted to make Guru Gobind Singh the bravest hero. She is teaching him to fight against tyranny.

Trilok Singh gave this painting to “Dutt and Company” Calcutta for making blocks for printing but they refused to do so because that type of painting would have provoked the people. In those days, the police was not allowing even the children to play with toy guns and pistols whereas in this painting the gun is being given to the child. Trilok Singh had to make some changes in the painting. After that the prints were made for distribution, Gyani Gian Singh ‘Aaraf’ wrote a poem on this painting.
This painting was the first attempt to show Trilok Singh’s feelings of patriotism.

S. Niranjan Singh Talib, editor of ‘Desh Darpan’ had published an article about S. Trilok Singh Artist. Pictures of two famous Sikh Artists of Calcutta Artist Trilok Singh and Artist SG Thakur Singh was published in special edition of Punjabi newspaper 'Desh Darpan' Calcutta on January 11, 1935 page 36 under the caption ‘Pair of famous Sikh artists, SG Thakur Singh and Trilok Singh.’

His father was not well in Assam. Untimately, he decided to wind up his Art Studio at Calcutta.
This painting of Bhagat Naam Dev is based on Gurbani Shabad. This painting was completed in 1933 by Artist Trilok Singh. It is perserved in Chitralok, Art gallery, Patiala.

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