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Trilok Singh stayed in Vill.Jartauli, PO Kila Raipur, Ludhiana for some time and his father took him to Assam.

His father had agricultural there. Trilok Singh took upon him responsibility to prepare land for agriculture purpose. The place was known as “ Punjabi Basti”, Lanka, District NowGong, Assam. The natural beauty of Assam impressed him. The beauty of the people in their simplicity, their way of life; everything attracted him. By remaining in the fields for most of the time, he got a chance to read the psychology of birds and animals. He became one with the nature. Later on, he used these impressions in his paintings.

Trilok singh's father observed he is very good in drawing and sketches. In free time, he used to make sketch of natural vegitation, drawing mechanical machines. forests, animals, men and women,birds. Moreover, he remembered Gurbani as he learned from his grandfather. His father thought of Artist SG Thakur Singh who was in calcutta in those days. He observed that his technical skill is strong. His father planned his immediate need is his skill development.

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