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Trilok Singh stayed in Vill.Jartauli, PO Kila Raipur, Ludhiana for some time and then left for Assam. His father got land in Assam. Trilok Singh took upon him responsibility to prepare land for agriculture purpose. This place was known as “ Punjabi Basti”, Lanka, District NavGong, Assam. The natural beauty of Assam impressed him. The beauty of the people in their simplicity, their way of life; everything attracted him. By remaining in the fields for the most of the time, he got a chance to read the psychology of birds and animals. He became one with the nature. Later on he used these impressions in his paintings.
Trilok Singh’s creative mind was always searching for something new in spite of his remaining so busy in agricultural works. He started thinking of creating and inventing some new agricultural implement known as Parlu for the purpose of cutting and thrashing the crop of rice with two buffalos instead of many. He discovered a machine, which was designed to be attached to a wheel and that made the whole process very easy. As a result, he designed another machine, which worked with two wheels with two buffaloes. this was used for sowing the seed in the fields. It proved to be the best for this purpose as it could sow seeds at a distance at set intervals. This was popularly known as “XkB o'gk ebk” i.e. ‘Dhan Roopa Kalan.’
Trilok Singh had seen people weaving the cloth with hand weaver’s loom in Assam. He saw one “Namdhari” weaving loom with his hands for his turban. So Trilok Singh changed his mind and started planning to make a new design for the spinning wheel, which could be fixed with any rotating part of a bicycle, motorcycle etc. That way, one could simultaneously spin while attending to other work. The first spinning wheel was prepared for his house and that proved a success. The idea came to his mind to promote this plan but conditions were not in favour, he gave up a practical shape. He loved his 1914- model bicycle bought from Assam, having special features like horn, shock absorbers with handle and seat and stand with handle for camera fitting, which he used this bicycle till his death.

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