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He spent childhood with his grand father, who was a famous physician practicing ‘Unani’ system of medicine. Baba Daya Singh was from a. ‘Namdhari’ sikh,. He was very wise, a man of religious temperament, master of words and he knew how to explain the meanings of words. His knowledge of Gurubani was a boon, a blessing beyond limits.
Trilok Singh always thought that his existence was connected with Baba’s entity. His dedication for meditation was excellent. The Artist always felt that successful in his life and paintings, only due to his good training, blessing, inspiration, motivation and administration.
Trilok Singh always felt obliged to his grandfather for moulding his life into right direction. Trilok Singh’s ancestors were known experts in the art of making weapons for war, though their village never came under the ruling areas of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
The artist’s always remembered his grandfather saying‘jZE eko tZb ns fuZs eosko tZb’, which mean ”do work with hands and keep mind with God“. Such impressions of childhood memories were cemented in Trilok’s mind, which used to listen to the compositions of Gurus, Guru’s precepts, teaching of Sikh religion. Sikhism, and stories connected with holy persons that were explained by his grandfather.
While listening to the saints he used to visualize everything in his mind. This was the time when a new psychology was initiated in him right from the childhood. These stories of illuminated prophets taught him that superb actions could only be originated out of pure thoughts. Trilok had learnt all the five thousands seven hundred fifty one sacred compositions of holy Guru with his daily meditation and recitation.
He did his schooling up to class eight from Khalsa High School, Kila Raipur, Ludhiana and later he passed Hindi and Punjabi up to class ten. He started learning mechanical engineering and other technical works. S. Hari Singh, his uncle taught him the technical skills in his workshop.
Baba had loved him so much, Trilok Singh used to remember the words of his grandfather “ fgsk ek iBw fenk ikD/ g{sHHH..”(Birth of father is not known to son…) a and verses of Gurbani for Baba “jkE d/fJ oky/ nkgD/ e' ;dk ;dk Bw;eko”H(one should always be grateful to supreme power, who always protect and save the one….).
He loved his ancestral house in the village Jartauli. He painted the front walls of his house and wrote one ‘Tuk’ over there. “ XzB ;[ t/bk fis[ doPB eoBk iT[ pfbjkoh ;fsr[o " and also wrote ( The Boat is still in sea and do not know what will happen…..)

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