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Baba Daya Singh(1830-1930) Grandfather of the Artist

Baba Daya Singh was grandfather of S. Trilok Singh Artist. The artist spent his childhood in company of his grandfather. Daya Singh was married in Vill. Mundian Kalan near Bhani Sahib, Ludhiana. Namdhari sect has great influence on him. He used to visit Vill. Bhani Sahib to meet Namdhari Sant Baba Ram Singh off and on and also met him whenever he visited Vill. Jartauli. He was very religious person and had good knowledge of Gurubani. He used to recite Gurubani. By profession, he was black smith and used to make war weapons, machines etc. He had four sons all were well educated. The eldest one was Bhola Singh. Another two of them S. Gurdit Singh and S. Harnarain Singh were railway engineers and they worked in Kenya railways and Cape Government railways, South Africa. S, Hari Singh was foreman in Railway workshop in Punjab. He had very long association with Nirmal saint and he got spiritual knowledge from this saint. When the saint was very old and then he stayed at Vill. Jartauli, in last days of his life. Baba ji learned Unani system of medicine from the saint with the condition that he will provide free medical services to the needy persons and also had to stay away from his house for twelve years. After saint’s death and performing last rites, Baba Daya Singh left for Maharastra and served there for twelve years. Then he came back to Vill. Jartaulli and spent his life in serving the people there. He died in the year 1930.

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