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This painting depicts the scene from Guru Nanak Dev’s early Udasis.

Guru Nanak Dev visited the Island Sri Lanka. Many people flocked to hear Guru’s message. The Queen of the island also visited along with her mother- in- law. The mother-in-law asked the queen to bow down and pay respect to the Guru but she refused to bow saying she could not bow because her breast are so heavy. She was proud of her beauty and youth.

This Shabad ‘;Z;[fV ;[jhnk fet eohHHHHHHHH’ has been depicted in the painting very nicely by painting the scene of an Island.. Guru Nanak along with Bala & Mardana is sitting under an old banyan tree. People are coming to visit bringing offerings of fruit, flower baskets. The queen is looking beautifully decked in ornaments.

Guru Nanak has been shown giving his message pointing his three fingers towards a very old man, ruins of building and a fallen dry tree.

Guru explained that he has seen limed buildings, youth and big trees etc. being destroyed with the time. It is futile to feel so proud of beauty and youth when it cannot stand the test of time. It will be destroyed in no time. An old man is also shown at a distance who cannot walk straight must have been young at one time. Trees grow old and fall down. Buildings made of lime are also dashed to the ground. The Artist has shown souls in clouds representing everyone has to leave this world.

So the Guru says everything in this world is perishable. Only God's name is immortal. Time and tide has no effect on this. Human being should also not feel proud of these mortal things. Keep God’s name in the mind. Only with His grace can a person attain salvation.

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